so here is interesting app which recently is trending in the top chart of the app store which is called trial boss my journey routes and yeah so let's just install it and see how it works and like what's all the hype is about so exciting i think this app is basically was made by by a solo developer but it reached the the top chart of the app store and here what you can do you can if you want to plan some trip you can just create this really amazing animated videos like you can select you know like your arrival destination and where yeah where you're starting from and then you just add all of that and then you create like a cool video animation like with the boat with the sheep is working with like you know with all means of transport you can draw the route choose a transport save videos and then just share with friends especially on instagram or snapchat or tick tock and this is much more like creative way to to you know to show off your um journey and yeah just like dude you know to brag with friends like how are you gonna travel it and all of that um yeah and it can make you really stand out on instagram instead of posting some you know this year i'm going to italy or something like that but you can also add this bot and just get a lot of likes or exposure um or just have fun and like if you're a company uh you know some travel companies this is the way to boost your social media presence so yeah so here is the app uh so here is a tutorial you let's just go so start point so we can just write like like for example from copenhagen where are you going to going to [Music] for example here and then you can also create some like point choose transport here so i just tap on the transport and then i can select uh plane for example can select different effects i can add some annotation so okay i selected this one and then there is also premium transport for which you need to pay so then i select it and then i can just place the video okay so something like that and you can see this video is a really like interesting very animated and you kind of yeah it's very fun to watch them so then you can just increase the model size you can change the video lengths if you don't want like 10 seconds the minimum amount is like 9 seconds or something so yeah if you don't want to to take too much time you can just do that so then yeah then you can just tap save video to camera roll and then you can just share this video to instagram or snapchat or tiktok uh so something around that um so uh you just need to give access to your photos and yeah and share either on tick tock or instagram uh from from your camera roll so there you have it uh you can also change the different map so here is that all the map selections you can do then you can change all the uh yeah if you want have some 3d effects and also just have miles uh then you can also like show hold all map and or like show your home country or hunting country from which you are arriving show the kilometers and these are the uh the resolutions which you can choose 101 16 9 and 9 16. so it works well for instagram uh for tick-tock and yeah snapchat i guess so yeah really cool way to you know if you're planning some journey or you just came back home from some incredible travel adventures you can just create this quick create this quick video overview of what it looked like and yep then that's just how it is and share it on instagram promote it to your friends and that's nice looking and like if some of your friends don't know geography and you said you visited some like cool spots somewhere in some part of the world this this will just help them out to exactly see where you go what was your like trip like what was your route like which parts of the route you selected and all of that so something around that that's how it can work that's the app uh super interesting um yeah so definitely give a try uh super easy to use uh yeah just double tap to to delete the point uh so that's basically it nothing complicated here and really amazing app so you can try to download it to support the solo developer i guess who build it and this app now reached like top 100 apps on the app store which is really amazing so there you have it um other than that yeah i don't know if you can upgrade you don't even need to create an account or anything i don't know like about what happens to your data if you're concerned or how to contact support probably just go on the app store and then there should be uh yeah just in the app descriptions there should be some spy tab to contact developer and reach out to to yeah to app support uh yeah overall hope you enjoyed this overview and thank you for watching

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