Truffel app - how to create an account via invite code? SXSW 2023

here's travel app and your friends now where to go and yeah you can sign up for the white list so just go to their page and or you can try to create an account if if you have an invite code you can enter in white code if you don't have it you can just sign up like this just enter your email database region um it should be if you are in Austin that I think that will be faster because they're gonna release this app during a startup conference in Austin so yeah try it out this app is kind of like a social mapping app kind of alternative to zenly I guess to Snapchat map where you can set up some cool points with your friends visit Surprises with your favorite spots share AR experience on the map collect moments with friends list curated experience by friends and locals so all of that so yeah that's basically an idea um yeah I hope that's helpful

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