let's go through the old details you should know about true social apps so this app is just launched um and yep uh it launched on 21st of february uh and the site also launched on 21st of february so at the moment there is ios app on iphone and then there is also website so now you can just go to your ios app store and then try to search for true social and then you can just download it at this moment as you can see this app in the top charts is number one in social networking because obviously it's a launch day but it's also it's about facebook messenger yeah so that's what you can see right now um and yep so it's was it's launched you could have pre-ordered it before there is no there is no reason to do it now because when you just pre-order it means uh the app will be automatically downloaded uh but then the thing is uh now you can create an account uh so try to do that because as you can see i did that and i also created another video about account and signing up so what you will need uh first you will need to be located in united states it's not possible to create an account outside of you as i sing uh it will throw you an error some selectory some error something went wrong or something like that and you just won't be able to enter the create account screen so that's that's it i don't think the app is available outside of your assets on the only us not europe not azure countries or some or some other parts of the world so that's first part then you will need to sign up just you know with your email you will need to confirm a link in your email and then you will need to confirm your us phone number so this app only accepts valid us phone numbers and then you just need to add verification code there and then the next step would be just to register a username and then you're in but still there is you know this waiting list uh and due to the massive demand we have placed you on the whitelist uh it says thank you for joining us your massive demand we have placed you on our white list we love you and you are not just another number to us but your weightless number is below so and i signed up maybe you know uh yeah just in the morning in us time uh but then yeah it's already 160 000 people about me and i don't know how long the waiting list will take but basically i signed up and then i received an email oops so i'll just okay i'll just search for that so as you can see and then i just received an email your account has been created successfully after a few hours and then the the place there is already like 80 000 something so it's just not loading anyways so the idea is that the the q number there is like 87 000 or something so my point is that it moves pretty fast but uh let's see but you also need to know that this app at the moment is pretty buggy and people are reporting a lot of bugs it doesn't really work that well and also that's true that the code for this app was just taken from like you know open source uh i think it was some mastered on team or something like that and there is not that much development put into this app as far as i know some people can't create accounts some people see a lot of errors like you know all of this stuff and probably it will be happening more and more during this period because there is like an influx of users um so if you go to true social status page.or you can see if if the app is down or not so at the moment it has partial outage it's about like you know unresolved incident application launch traffic uh due to the overwhelming demand at launch we are currently rate limited on onboarding new users to the platform we are working to increase sign up capacity for onboarding and will continue to update the status as capacity increases so there you have it so something like that um so yep and uh yeah so there are a lot of bugs and i also created another video you can check out my account the app just sometimes doesn't work of course if you are located outside of us the app just won't work for you at this moment i don't know if it will expand to the future future regions uh but okay let's just go through the app screenshots because i don't have you know access to the real app itself yet because yeah i'm just on the waiting list i don't know when this waiting list will end and all of that so here the app just basically looks similar to twitter or getter so there are a bunch of apps in this category like gather parlor rumble and this all these apps are all like kind of on the right wing side on the more conservative side because probably yeah of course there is some like backlash that facebook are more likely in social media and there is like a political aspect to it of course and like the the the discussion is like can you really through social computers this mind your social media brands and can there will be this niche for more conservative users where they need a separate media and separate social media brand um so here you can see that it's like has profiles similar to twitter discover just video messages so you can message ndm and then there is a dark mode um so yeah basically like a twitter but just more for conservative communities so let's see how that will evolve and so let's just see that um what makes true social different we are social media platforms that's free from political discrimination john us and share communicate have fun follow the truth um they offer this big tent approach think of giant outdoor event and of your best friend's wedding and they're all together to have an amazing time and share their different viewpoints on the world also we don't always agree with each other we welcome this variety opinions and the robust conversation they bring let your voice be heard sign up join the conversations and all of that so that's basically the idea there are some key features um there is a profile uh there is trust feed to research and there are notifications and uh yeah also if you want to get notified uh when the app of your account is finally created in the app you should go to the settings and if you just search for true social here uh you should be able to enable notifications and after you have enabled notifications you should like you know receive notification and email that your account was created um so that's what it is at this moment you can always just update like uh and then you can log out and all of that and of course because there are so much bugs and glitches at this moment to contact app support just go to the app store you can just tap app support and then here is the way to contact support we are here to help please use the email below to contact our support team there is a typo here okay support so you can just try to email them uh from your email and then just ask any questions hopefully there will be some response but maybe in the first weeks won't be a lot of responses also if you want to already delete your account or anything like that you can write here or delete your data or you know all of that so you can try to ask it here so that's that's that as there aren't many reviews nothing because the app is just pretty new but i think there will be there will be more feedback from users and it's just interesting to see if this app will really evolve and if there is some strong tech behind it or you know it will be just like uh going up in writings and then disappearing forever uh so just from technical point of view it's just interesting to see like you know this uh how silicon valley companies will react to this and all of that uh so true social is part of like trump's tmtg corporation which also plans to introduce like disney plus like competitors to disney plus competitors to netflix and to fox news and just combine all these elements to have like a media brand on the right side uh i was listening to all in podcasts and basically the you know the investors that they told that like that the value of this can be pretty big already and there is like a stock which you can buy uh tied to this tmtg corp which basically owns this true social app and there are a bunch of other apps in this category like getter parlor so everyone tries to to find the niche here also rumble app is pretty successful which kind of wants to become a tick-tock for the for the right audience so you can also check it out i think there are some like cooperations between true social and rumble however i'm not sure also there is a website so you can go here and you can see that coming soon on android uh through social america's big 10 social media platform that encourages open free and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology so you can see it here then there is some help center so you can read something here and then there is open source that basically true social is based on mastered on some licenses and status and that's basically it so anyways that's that's that's it for now just like in already what you should know um probably create another video with uh you know uh about the whole app like how it's it can be used and all of that when i get access but hopefully this just technical advice was helpful for you um you know there are a lot of questions answered here you can add a web link to your profile you can set your location you can set your display name you can set an avatar there is feed how do you retro so retros is basically like a retweet here yeah juice is basically a tweet so that's it hopefully this overview was helpful for you and thank you for watching you can also check out my website mr hector on my podcast

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