Truth Social only available on iOS 13 or later and from iPhone 7

so is true social only available on ios 13 so that seems to be the case um you can only get this app if you have ios 13 or later it means that you need to have iphone 7 or later so for example i have iphone 7 and i can install ios 15 and that seems to be working um so people who try to install true social ios older than ios 13 this is what happens they're directed to download an older compatible version for iphone 6 running ios 12 5.5 after attempting to register to login there is some pop-up message saying unable to create an account because and nothing further this really limits the rest of us you cannot afford a new iphone uh and then so you basically you can't con continue the registration so i don't know what to do in this case yeah obviously if you have iphone 6 you just can't physically update your ios 13 that's what it is and there are a lot of bugs in this app so far um it's just been released and it's pretty buggy and doesn't work for a lot of people uh and there is no android version at this moment so that's it's this what it is

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