Twitter Blue 2023 - all features overview. Should you upgrade for $11 p/m?

in this tutorial I will show you what are features available in the new Twitter blue subscription so I just upgraded for 11 dollars and like yeah so Elon Musk introduced it and let's just see what available there so some features already here some are just coming soon so what's included in the blue first of all battery reading experience so you can see the most shared articles in your network so this is basically just a list of Articles which people are tweeting about if people you follow or people they follow and then here you just see more viral articles like someone tweeted about this topic or someone who is about that and then just see that and then you can see select the time frame from the last hour to last 24 hours so that's the first feature then you have reader choose the text size you prefer when reading threads so you can change text size for reading threads on Twitter I actually didn't yet try this feature so I have no idea uh like we can just try it out uh so yeah okay maybe it works um so then what you have here early access to select new features some of these features available sums um or not so nft profile pictures you can connect your crypto wallet inside an FTS your profile photo you can do that I think upload longer videos it's not yet available so ideally it would be a cool new feature coming soon upload and Tweet videos that are up to 10 minutes long audio tab discover Live recorded and upcoming spaces plus podcasts listen to stations which are regular updated collections of audio content might just for you so that's just like looks like this uh so for example here you can just go to some section uh and then you can just see all their upcoming spaces maybe it's also available here so yeah this is like just a nice audio tab just nicely organized uh basically like a clubhouse app inside of Twitter which you can enjoy so that's also available um then here you can enable a high quality video um yeah so you can enable 1080 pixel video high quality video uploads on Wi-Fi or server and then yeah you can just check it out here uh you can also easily clear media storage of Twitter from here and bookmark folders this is like cool feature where you can organize uh bookmarks and create some folders so for example here you can just create a folder and better manage your bookmarks um so here for example I can just create a folder for YouTube just to add some bookmarks to to that folder for example uh um so yeah something like that and then you can just uh so then you can just enjoy here and and for example I want to add a bookmark add to folder and then like this and then this bookmark is being added now to this folder so it's if you like bookmarking feature which I actually do on Twitter that's pretty handy then also you can uh use this famous feature where you can undo tweets select which types of tweets you want to undo before the Republic plus the lengths of your undo period so you can undo original tweets replies threads quotes tweets Paul tweets and then undo tweet timing you can set up like even to 60 seconds so from 5 Seconds to 60 seconds and then you can just undo it and then extras choose custom app icons so you can select custom navigation which is pretty cool feature actually so like yeah I want to have like these bookmarks added to my uh profile then you want to have only six items can be selected uh top articles monetization audio um and then you can just save it theme you can change the theme uh color so there is blue yellow red purple orange green choose a team color for a Twitter experience that can only be seen by you and then there are app icons which you can select here choose a custom app icon for your devices home screen change it anytime so that's basically that yeah so this is what is available at the moment what you have here and then you can see a subscription uh if you just upgraded don't expect to get the blue check mark instantly there is some review process so as you can see here it says here review in your account and I don't know how much time should it take to to review the account maybe it's like a few minutes but since it's not the case maybe a few hours or few days weeks I have no idea honestly I will update you about in in the future videos so it's not there so yeah you can just tap manage also you can just tap manage subscription and it's pretty handy you are just instantly redirected to to settings in Apple ID where you can easily just cancel cancel your Twitter blue which is super handy and it's actually very positive from the app like if you want to cancel subscription it's I can easily do it here I don't need to go through some FAQ articles or some uh yeah some other things uh just to find it so yeah there you have it that's what at the moment is being included um some people like it some people say okay it's it's too little for eleven dollars dollars per month like you can look at Snapchat Plus it's only three dollars per month and they have much more features for example uh but yeah that's what it is obviously the main feature is that you have your blue check mark and then hopefully you will be able to upload longer videos if you need that bookmarks folders and do tweet so yeah it's if you are a power user or Twitter is uh yeah you can try it out definitely but this tutorial is just to show you what to expect if you decide to upgrade for 11 dollars per month

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