Twitter Blue - reviewing your account - how much time to wait to get a blue checkmark?

hello everyone so I just upgraded to Twitter Blues this new feature by Elon Musk I'm just curious like how much time does it take to actually get a blue check mark so I upgraded and it says enjoy your verify the account and blue check mark once you have been approved um so uh and I have no idea how much time it does it take for it to to be approved so here you can see manage subscription we are reviewing your account and then you can just see uh yeah how that's how it much time it takes I I like I don't know I just upgraded like 25 minutes ago so it's not like instant for sure so just to be clear if you upgrade to Twitter blue foreign girls per month don't expect that you instantly get in this blue check mark nope it's not instant it's it doesn't take like 10 minutes as you can see right now uh maybe it takes hours days or weeks like hopefully it just takes few hours but I'll update you in in the later videos but yeah so just don't set your expectations if you instantly need to have a blue check mark you instantly get in it no probably there is some verification process behind the scenes

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