Twitter Community Notes - what is it? Quick overview

so sometimes when you're going through some Twitter threads Twitter tweets just like it can be sometimes controversial there is a really cool feature on Twitter which you can see here readers added contacts they thought people might want to know so in this case it's just the author says that GPT has passed the bar exam or NBI operation exam and then readers actually submitted that in fact cha GPT has not passed the bar exam yet it got 50 not passing on the MBE multiple choice section which is just half of the bar exam so yes and then there is some reference to some other article or some other research so yeah this is a super cool feature from uh from Twitter uh which you can also write and then you can also participate in it um yeah and that's like you can see uh the note details and like anyone even Elon Musk can have this note if someone submits some claim which is not entirely correct other users can just uh yeah like add some additional context to this note on Twitter so that's why yeah that's the feature that's not a bug and that context is written by people who use Twitter and appears when rated helpful by others and this this feature is called Community nodes it's a collaborative way to keep people battery informed contributors to people like you anyone on Twitter whose account miss the eligibility criteria can sign up to help all contributors start visibility to write notes and overtime can earn the ability to write notes aren't chosen by majority rule Community notes identify notes that are found helpful by the people with different points of view Twitter doesn't choose what show up the people do so and then here you can just join the community notes

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