what are twitter notes uh so this is a new way to write longer text on twitter it was just introduced by a twitter right and basically some people say that it will kill famous twitter threads and this is a new way to write more than 280 characters on twitter this is just like a very bad aversion and only a small group of writers are helping twitter to test notes they can be read on and off twitter by people in most countries so here are some of the notes which you can already access and check it out how they look like on twitter so it's just uh yeah you can see that and then so for example let's just explore how it looks like i'm not sure that yeah uh it's not opening in the app yet but that's how it looks like so this is just basically a longer text so it's not 280 characters this is how it looks like it is similar to medium or just to any other blog or just to some you know longer message and yeah so this is kind of cool um i don't know if if this feature will replace threads it just doesn't feel like in the twitter way but maybe is this the future you know in the strats you still have this feeling that the messages are quite short and that they're very like precinct and you're not gonna read like you know i'm not gonna read like two thousand words articles on twitter so that's the whole point of twitter that you just have like you know a few very short messages you're not gonna spend like 20 minutes reading that um so but interesting feature for sure uh maybe twitter is competing with medium um and uh this is just you can dive deeper what that is twitter write is a composer tool that lets writers create stories and other long-form content called notes for their followers to engage with all on twitter for readers in countries where the test will be running you will see note cards tweets with node previews and link in your home timeline if you're following someone participating in this task group for notes or if someone you follow retweets quote tweets or shares a link to a note [Music] so who can write notes at this time for this small test we have provided an initial group of writers the ability to try out this feature as we are building it people in many locations will see a note card in their own timeline if they follow a writer who post note card someone they follow includes a note url and notes will have unique urls that people can navigate from outside of twitter platform so yeah you can already read them it's accessible from majority of the countries i guess but you just can't create those at the moment so just follow twitter write account and just see all the details there um [Music] so that's kind of interesting and that's let's let's follow the developments um so that's that there are a lot of comments but hope you find this feature helpful

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