Twitter Official label - what was it?

so here's some interesting Insight with Twitter blue so soon you'll be able to subscribe for eight dollars per month and then you will get a verified blue check mark on Twitter but the question is what will happen to the previous verified badge like what uh yeah what is that live also Sims Twitter team is doing another official label so it will it will just call official so just below the you see Twitter there's blue check marks there is at Twitter and in the bottom there is official so everyone who was like a public figure and at the moment has um original blue check mark we'll just have this official check mark so that's a lot of changes so not all previously verified accounts you'll get the official label and the label is not available for purchase accounts that will receive it include craft romantic accounts commercial companies business partners major media Outlets Publishers and some public figures the new Twitter blue doesn't does not include ID verification it's an opt-in right subscription that offers a blue check mark and access to select features we'll continue to experiment with wise to differentiate between account types yeah so that's basically the idea now a lot of users are like complaining that you you bought original blue check mark for eight dollars but nazare is another check mark so of course you know we'll be aiming for this official check mark to get this kind of special status on Twitter and blue check mark kind of decreases in value um and blue check mark is just it doesn't require any idea you just need to um yeah upgrade with your card so let's see how it develops

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