hello so here is twitter and there is a new exciting feature which is called super follow if the creator has enabled that you will see that in your right side it's like a purple button um i think it's available on all in all countries right now but to enable that as a creator you need to have i think like 10 000 followers or something like that so you if you just new to twitter you won't be able to enable that but you can super follow other users for that there aren't any requirements so just tap on super follow and i will just show you how it looks like so support your favorite people on twitter for bonus content and extra perks uh and here there is a description from uh the creator so exclusive access to creative process q and a's see uh tweets that otherwise wouldn't uh so something like close friends on instagram um so yeah then you will see this tweet like with this purple tab which just says like only super followers can see this tweet and yeah and then in the in the bottom you can just type subscribe to 99 per month and this is how it works and then you can just super follow and then you just subscribe to to twitter super follow as you would subscribe to any other product uh like any other app here on the app store and then you need to go to settings apple id at least a day before each renewable date to cancel so that's how                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

5 Simple Steps To Increasing Your T...
5 Simple Steps To Increasing Your Twitter Followers
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