TWOO - Meet New People - How to create an account?

hello everyone so here is this app is called two i meet new people now so let's just install it so yeah the size of the app is 128 megabyte so you can just use touch id to install this is the app where you can like chat make new friends watch millions of live streams find new people in your area chat with people you like you can even send each other videos so there you have it there are only around 2000 ratings but it's growing 4.5 out of 5 average review and let's just open the app here then to create an account i can just use apple id here um your profile so then you just select your gender you're here to what you want to do and then that's about it and then date of birth you just select that so you can do that cd you can enable location then you can check box to not receive emails or something and then just tap finish and there you have it so something like that and then you can continue and that's about it i guess that's the process of how you create an account into app so hope that was helpful and thank you for watching

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