TXT ME NOW APP overview

hello interesting app here text me now so let's explore it let's just install it and the size is 79.5 megabyte wi-fi calls and text real phone numbers get a second number for calling texting record phone calls unlimited international calls group chat send photos or videos free unlimited wi-fi phone calls and free text messages make clearer calls than a new line or a wifi's 3g 4g that are not preserved with any cell minutes okay let's just open it up so let's just tap get started and then you can choose a phone number uh you can allow from and then if you're not upgrading the number will be temporary so then you just need to log in and create an account then you just need to get verification code and then just enter your first name then just enter your username and there you have it now you have access to to your phone number but that is just temporary so this is your temporary phone number but still nice if you just needed you know like a few sms of a few texts and you're just looking where should i get the phone number like this to call my friends or to chat with them so yeah you can just get it here and then you can you have all the help you have inbox you can add contacts you can call someone you have some credits here and then you can just get credit so at the moment you just have 500 cents oh oh no it's like 500 credits just for starting and you can get thousand credits for 29.99 uh you can also go to your account update it you can see your call settings chat settings privacy and security so something like that

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