U S Bank Mobile Banking how to install on iPhone?

here's interesting app called US Bank mobile banking personal finance and invest and then uh yeah here uh dislike one of the one of the best mobile banking apps uh out there it has 1.4 million ratings in the US app store it's constantly the top charts of Finance category uh just you have insights you have analytics of your spending of your savings um and then you can see all your balances you can pay your bills you can have some support you can have control your U.S bank cards easily from the app you can quickly send your money with people you know using data bank with confidence and so yeah all of these features uh you can set up here and then yeah if you just open it up you can see uh uh yeah how to log in usually in this mobile apps from the big Banks you need to create account on the website or in their like physical store because it's quite bureaucratic so it's not like some you know like just mobile only Bank where you easily create an account just here so usually just need to create an account um here so you need to uh already have an account with this Bank you need to credit with a separate procedure and then just enter your card an account number and last four digits of SSN and then continue and just follow up with the instructions there so that's what you can do that's basically the idea and then you can just proceed with this Bank quickly send and receive money with uh yeah and then just try it out I don't have an account with this Bank just wanted to bring your attention to this app hope it's helpful

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