Unifi: Your Social Campus - APP OVERVIEW

here's interesting app which is called unifi unifier social campus so it's a social app for for the campuses for colleges and all of that so yep let's just open it up and let's see how it works and so yeah let's just open it up i can allow notifications and then let's try to get started so here you need to select a university so this app is primarily for uk universities so it's not for united states or um yeah it's just uh like if you want to select then you can just enter your email address but this email address should have like obviously like the university email domain then you just enter your password reset password you need to select course um year and then and then create an account so that's basically the the process something like that and then you can just continue to so something around that picture and questions uh like if i could be anywhere in the world i would be what societies are you interested in uh my but who is your celebrity crush and yeah all of that so a main image and at least two so then you can just give access to your photos you can add some photo um [Music] okay i don't know like i'll just add like some test images just to [Music] uh just to show you the uh so you need to add at least three photos and answer at least one questions um other interests um and then you can just finish it uh you will need to verify you attend this university please check your email and junk folder for verification link if you haven't received this you will be manually verified within 24 hours so that's uh yeah obviously this is just like a test video to show you an explanation how it might work but obviously you need to have an account to get access to this app so this app is basically something similar what facebook was like in 2003 or something so just trying to connect college students but obviously it's not facebook this app has so much more to offer hundreds of just basically group chat see what everyone on campus is up to your university uh and yeah the cool part about this app is these are university students only you can just yeah so not your parents not some outside people only if you have access to this like university email address while you're studying there you would be able to [Music] to use the app uh and this app yeah it's it's only for united kingdom so if you're like you're a student or some from other country going on exchange or like i don't know erasmus program or doing something like that you can also use this app so hope you have a general idea and thank you for watching

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