hello so here is clash app um so yes this is uh an app which was previously called byte it was a major tick tock competitor now it's relaunched as clash so to install it just search for the clash app class shoot video send drops and then you'll be able to install this app so clash is a space to connect with your rider dice shoot video send drops level up so there you have it it is featured right now on on the app store and stuff and then you can just create an account let's just do this apple you can sign up easier with apple or google like that and then here is the app you can just keep the introduction choose the username i can just choose ah it already exists let's try something else because the app was by so probably it's um a lot of users and usernames are already taken so just try this you can add your profile photo then you just need to confirm your age um here let's customize the feed along notifications so all the basic stuff and then you can just get some free drops drops help do a deal or kick off and drops and then you can just spread that out yeah know what that is but there you have it that sets your account um and that's how the app looks like and then you can just scroll it like this just like on a tick tock you can like it you can send it save copy link share report you can join thread which are basically comments you can see how many views are there when it was posted then you can just close it and then you can send drops here at the bottom right so which is just this is the way you show support to the creator and then probably you can monetize it um so it's made in la and here's your account you can share your profile so just share it you can see all the stats your followers following your content uh faq you can log out here you can enable do not disturb mode in terms of if you want to delete your account i'm not sure like how to do it in case you want to delete your account if you really want to delete your clash account please send an email to our support team as a subject line account deletion request icon must be sent from the same address you use to register a class account you must email as a request from the to to approve ownership so in case you sign up using apple id or google id you should know which email you use there and then email from that support at clashapp.co deleting your account is permanent and can be reversed the delete account cannot be recovered so that's that um then you can see notifications then you can just search um i think alexis ohanian is the prominent investor he is one of the supporters of this app investors and here you can in search tab you can see the top creators you can follow someone so for example if you want to follow alexis orhanian and then just go to his profile see how it works view full bio you can share profile copy profile url unfollow report block here you can see videos you can see likes and then for example if we see this video so that's how it works yeah it is it is kind of similar to tick tock but again it's it's different [Music] i don't see how many views like this video gets and stuff like that i can also see the likes the videos the likes this profile got how to get verified i don't know like so you can see some people can be verified here i don't know exactly how to do that um yeah in case you want to unfollow report a block you can just do it here you can copy profile url to report someone there's the standard form oops something happened to the clash up so yeah i think the difference with tiktok is that you can actually send these drops here to creators and it's like money so it's like deep jar on twitter i can just send drops here or i can fan send a fan mail is also needs drops um so yeah um and then of course you probably need to purchase these drops or uh i don't know how creators then they monetize them or what's the idea in case you want to change your username or display name you can just do it here [Music] you can edit your profile picture you can add about like i'll just add my youtube channel subscribe everyone um and then just tap save so yeah that's basically the idea this app is still quite raw but it's getting some traction because yeah of course tick tock is like really advanced app but still a lot of people there will always always be a space for some alternative and if this app is great people will really enjoy it so that's about it but that's just a quick overview of the of the clash app hope you enjoyed it uh like and subscribe visit my website mr hack.org check out my podcast mr hack here about and new cool apps and that's about it hope it was helpful                                                                                                                        

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