here is in gel app in case you want to upgrade uh what you need to do is just go to inbox and tap on any message and then it's this feature is a bit hidden but you need to tap who sends this and then here is the pop-up to upgrade to ngl pro so basically you want to upgrade to see some hints who sent the message so basically you can see message hints such as cd device and gl id and more and exclusively in games you will get access to that pro renews for 6.99 per month um so that's basically that if you tap on other messages here in the bottom you will see sandwich love from team ngl and you won't see the red button what it means that this question was just auto generated by angel bot and it's not questioned from a real human so just keep that in mind and you don't need to upgrade to see who sends this because obviously it was just a bot so that's basically the idea uh yeah you can just tap an upgrade again is pretty expensive so it will be around like minimum 28 28 30 dollars per month that's quite a lot so just keep that in mind and if you upgrade to ngl pro and you want to check out the real human message who sends this don't have high expectations because it only shows cd it can be like london device like android and it can just show you like someone on android from london census and you know if you live in such a big city it won't really bring you anything so that's basically that hope this is helpful

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