VEGA - AI CHAT APP - quick overview

curious interesting app called Wagga AI chat app so at the moment there are a bunch of these chat GPT apps out there because seems like open AI still don't have native iOS Android app so yes there are a lot of Alternatives uh and yeah you can just find them in the in the App Store so there you have it to write anything and get instant answers chat with the most advanced AI ask anything here are some ideas you can ask where to write for you guessings and answers get creative chat about any topic and then yeah you can just open it up but I would also suggest just be careful with a lot of these apps there are a lot of like low quality apps just using you know open API just quickly made but some of them are pretty good actually and if you you know you prefer using an app compared to using open AI in the browsers and just definitely use the app but for example this app is just even doesn't a lot for me I don't know why so let's just restart it okay it's loaded from the second time part by GPT 3.5 it's pretty cool and then just tap next and then yeah you can just uh write some message uh you can see some ideas here and then you can just add all of these prompts and um uh yeah so something like that you can just try it and then you will see the reply of course it's kind of you know there is a bit slower speed if you want to get all of this faster you will need to upgrade to chat GPT Plus on their website that's like 20 dollars per month but here yeah I think if it's the same you know chat GPT model 3.5 that's actually the same you know it's using the open AI app however if you're using Opera Open hgpt professional you will have faster access to newer models my business already 3.6 microseries charge GPT 4 version which obviously won't be available faster in these apps so so let's see so yeah you can see stuff like that it's pretty cool so now you can allow also notifications you can see some suggestions uh you can see some settings um um yeah you don't even need to create an account you can just read more about the the developer and yeah so that's the idea hope this is helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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