let's go through the wallamingo app which is going so viral right now so this is like a Velocity video editor app um yeah super easy to use there are no like like 20 buttons and tabs yeah just one button in the bottom plus and then select some video it's not possible to use this office photos or to attach photos together or something like that it's very basic video editor but it has all these amazing templates so and this is kind of effects you can expect from from those so yeah some of them are just taking more time but uh yeah something like that okay so something is uh it just depends on on the effect but there are so many of these templates you can use them for free which is amazing then you can export video also for free which is great uh uh yeah but of course if you want the highest quality you will need to upgrade and if you want to remove Watermark you will need to upgrade this is just the two things other than that it works perfect super easy to use um so there are some so stuff like that and then you can see like so many templates here uh yeah it just takes some time I don't know it depends I'm just using it right now on iPhone 7 so probably it's just a bit older iPhone and it doesn't depend on Wi-Fi but yeah uh that's basically the idea so something like that effects like some cool very interesting effects uh uh which you can try out and you can see in the bottom how all of this looks like yeah so as you can see this is the effect yeah it's pretty nice I'm just scrolling to the right you can see how many there are here then you can add music uh you to add music again you need to extract it from some video then you can trim you can change quality uh yeah you can trim here but taken out that this app is not for editing longer videos or for advanced editing is super basic as you can see this is how it looks like and that's that uh so yeah that's basically what you do uh you can upgrade to Pro uh 3.99 per week 29.99 per year the rest three days free trial so you can try that with the free trial and yeah you can export the video easily uh just in the in the lower quality but that quality is completely enough for for tick tock or anything so if you tap save you can see that's that and then you can just save to photos it works perfectly uh it's it's enough for a start if then if you're like app a lot then you can just upgrade so in in a short very short tutorial that's how it works super easy to use app really fun so impress your followers on Tick Tock Instagram reels with this hope they like it

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