VERO app - buggy, doesn’t work - what to do?

here's where through social app and if we're going through the reviews here let's just see and then there's please uh some bugs here so uh a blade update the bio um so there you have it uh some people write that it has two 3x engagement compared to Instagram improved commenting but I'm hoping you can improve the layout of comments on posts it would be more conductive to socialize and if replies appear directly below each comment and there could be a back and forth with that follower can't register trying to register for three days didn't receive the confirmation code yet solid social app uh so uh yeah uh so it seems like yeah the the one the one issue is that uh there is some issue with confirmation code error but for all of these issues and bugs you can reach out uh to developers directly at support viral Dot Co and uh yeah so um so yeah that's I think the main bug is that people can't receive confirmation code but yeah there you have it

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