Vocabulary learn words daily app overview

here is vocabulary app is pretty interesting app just to make your vocabulary more advanced and yeah just to improve your number of words you're now and to sound more intelligent and more smart super interesting app and it has all this like home screen widget I also think it has like a lock screen video where you can discover but like in a free version it has all these ads um so yeah that's basically uh what it is and then so that you can just upgrade to vocabulary premium in general force your dice is free and then learn words you didn't know uh and then it's just like 19.99 per year and only 1.66 cents per month built annually so it's pretty cheap price I say uh so pretty yeah um Britain ice investment if you want to really improve your vocabulary and it's super powerful so you can set up like I want to see some new interesting word one person once per three days or once per a week and yeah uh then you just have it like like that and then just learning new words here um so you can do that um or you can do like three words per day and imagine you have all these like complex words and your memory works like that so you just learn one word per day and you just you don't even need to learn it you just look into it and then you you know imagine like in uh like one week two months three months you're suddenly starting to find this really Advanced words in your vocabulary and you're speaking and your friends will be like wow what are you reading like what your Technique are you using and you sound like you have IQ of like 130 so no it's interesting app and definitely if you want to improve your vocabulary try it out I was like in the beginning I just set up that my level is beginner but this is like the beginner level I'm just uh pretty yeah I don't know like half of this words maybe even more like of course I'm not native English speaker but you can just see some of the examples anyways there you have it

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