Voyager Mavericks Mark Cuban deal - get $100 in Bitcoin?

hello everyone so i just heard that you can get hundred dollars worth of bitcoin for signing up on voyager app so here is the app and you can get if you sign up your mark cuban code or something like that um and then you can get hundred dollars worth of bitcoin so i'm just not sure how where exactly that is so you can get 25 dollars in bitcoin when you refer the front to each earn 25 in bitcoin but like how uh like what's yeah what where to find exactly that mark cuban uh referral code so so for example if you uh mark cuban dallas mavericks says they will give hundred dollars in bitcoin to people who don't want to avoid the digital apps this week so there you have it uh until october 30th starts at 11 59 every person who downloads the app enters a promo code deposits hundred dollars and makes it right will get hundred fourths of bitcoin the cryptocurrency platform announced a five-year partnership with the basketball team um so there you have but how exactly to get it i'm still not sure if you know it just leave it in the comments below

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