What are Gross volume & Net volume in Stripe dashboard?

so here is try dashboard if you're new to it you can have like a question what is gross volume with not volume this is the first reports in your stripe dashboard on stripe dashboard mobile app and yet you can be confused so the first default report is cross volume and usually it's a bit higher than net volume so what is that in sas matrix so i just found this really cool simple analytics blog and they have really neat simple explanation um so basically uh yeah gross volume is the total size value so this this is the the the all combined number of sales and includes everything fees refunds and disputes um so for example it includes like stripe fees uh it includes uh refunded customers so if you there was a successful charge then you needed to refund it still this number will be in the gross volume if you there was some dispute then you needed to return the you know the amount back and all of that um but it still will be in this gross volume number but not volume this is just estimated revenue after fees refunds disputes and connect transfers have been deducted so this is basically gross volume minus tribe fees minus refunds minus disputes so it's more like what you can actually get after this this is uh very much the same as uh cross volume uh to me it's equally important and i always the person writing here to me it's equally important and i also don't use this number much logically it's less than the gross problem as fees for funds and disputes are deducted so there you have it so imagine if someone pays you like you know 50 dollars per month per subscription so the the gross volume will be like 100 but for example like that the net volume can be i don't know like 98 dollars because minus try fees or i don't know like what exact strike he's up let's imagine they're like two dollars something then this will be 98 um and then if you had the refund of one of these orders and someone asked you to return back 50 dollars then still gross volume will be hundred dollars but net volume will be like hundred dollars minus two dollar like strike fee for example and minus fifty dollar refund so it will be like 48 dollars of actual net volume so that's that something as i understand it just for you to have an idea uh how it might uh work and all of that uh so yeah there are also a bunch of other reports like you know new customers successful payments spent per customer uh the dispute activities so number of disputes uh high risk payments new subscribers monthly recurring revenue this is quite important new trials and conversion rate lifetime values is an estimate of the total revenue you can expect to collect from your average customer before they churn so there you have it revenue per subscriber uh this is calculated by dividing your mri by the total number of customers with an active subscription retention uh has three metrics in stripe churn rate turned revenue retention by cohort all of that so that's basically the idea uh yeah hope that can be helpful

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