What are Twitter gold, grey, affiliate badges?

so there are a lot of changes recently on Twitter I will just try to sum it up for you on YouTube in case you just want to watch your video so now uh instead of this new verified blue check marks which you can get by subscribing to Twitter blue in selected countries I think in US UK Canada and few others now there are also uh gold check checks and then there are great check marks and then a square affiliation by just for select businesses here is a really nice thread from Matt Navara go follow him on Twitter um so like yeah basically four badges Twitter blue verification badge yellow verification badge means uh it's a business a Grammy it means a garment also there is like a Square um uh uh badge right to the circle one which means your affiliate of certain entity um so for example this is how it looks like you will see verified account uh and yellow verified account because it's an official business on Twitter this is a kind of verified because it's garment or multi lateral organization account and then there is also Legacy verified account also there is like affiliate verification um yeah and then um Twitter changed business profiles uh to square so now you have the square profiles and then there is like an affiliate account so which you can see like this so for example uh uh yeah here like on David sex account you can see that there is like a blue check mark and that's very square like a business simulation it means that he is c means like the log of crowd Ventures um and like that the fact that this Square icon appears next to his name means that he is basically Affiliated he is working there or he is obviously there so something like that so yeah that's basically the idea um so uh kind of pretty interesting and pretty cool development so now you can just browse through Twitter and see uh all of these interesting things um so um yeah something like that um so we can just search for like uh so as you can see all the square all the business accounts are now square if you go to like David sax for example you will see that he is affiliated with like crowdfunchers this account is verified because it's an affiliate of crowdfangers and Twitter then you can just go there and then you you'll just be redirected like to the business account and here you can see that there is like a yellow account here so that's basically that um hope this is helpful um yeah so something around that um uh yet interesting to to see that developing

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