What happens when you reveal in Gas app?

so what happens when you tap reveal button so here is Inbox and you see some frames and you want to tap see who sent it and then you will see something like this it's just not available during recording so I'll just show you see who sent it and then you will be able to either completely reveal the full name or uh you are able to just see a hint just what's still the first letter if you tap C reveal the full name you will for example just an example you can see Samsung exists which is yeah just the name and that's it and then you can just close the screen and you can only do two reveals like that per week so if you're paying uh like seven dollars per week for the gas app god mode then you will just see these two reveals and then if you already revealed this you will see this lock icon uh in the to the left aside from the flame so here you see just flame icons and then you see lock icons meaning that you already revealed this person

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