What is Autopilot Investment app?

here's this interesting app called autopilot Investment app it's in top charts right now in finance uh like what basically the idea of this app is so it's simple politicians and hedge funds continue to beat the market so we built an app to copy trade them automatically so for example do you want to invest like Nancy Pelosi likes or do you want to invest like Warren Buffett or yeah some like or like Jim Cramer but like in white University crime or something like that um so that's basically a bit of a meme app but you can get some real nice ideas from here so for example Michael burry and then you just tap on the his profile and you can see his current Holdings or the portfolio then you can just have you all and then you can see that 50 yearly average 60 last year and five trades per month and then you can just select Michael Barry and then you can just copy the portfolio to Robin Hood v-ball Ameritrade and that's basically it's the only these three brokers available you can always just sign up for trade alert but uh yeah basically you can just copy the portfolio of Michael bori like well I I have no idea if this is like 100 correct or it's just some meme ideas or something like that but if you attack on information they just say here that uh 85 of his portfolio is directly copying from these reports which are like uh form 13f and other 15 is just derived from looking at his Twitter and all of that so that's like completely I don't know if it can be trusted at least 15 percent um so yeah uh don't again like you can get some ideas from it but don't like you know push like huge amounts of money just based on this app but it's an interesting research for sure so you can see Warren Buffett Nancy Pelosi Michael burry and universe grammar Citadel security and that's it so only these five at the moment it would be interesting to see more of those uh yeah so there are a bunch of like of influencers on Twitter uh also some meme people like for who it would be interesting to see there uh the performances and all of that so here you can just select it's just the Securities it's not possible to click on on each stock just to see a bit more detailed description of course you can research yourself just Google it but yeah that's basically the idea of the app so you can easily create an account just with your phone number and email address and then you just need to you can copy uh all of it just like that with uh just select Nancy velocity and then you can just copy all of these positions to to your Robinhood account

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