What is CHAI ULTRA SUBSCRIPTION? Should you upgrade?

so here is chai app and did you know that they have a new subscription which is called ultra so how to get access to it so basically you just need to go to any bot and then you can just tap tweak and then uh you can select specific additional models so like it's called here gpt j elite six billion for example this is a six billion parameter basic model that has special training literature your conversation will look like a book or story or there is fair sack 13 billion it's a 13 billion parameter cutting edge model released by facebook live like conversations so here you can get a bit more advanced conversations in this mode so and for that you need to upgrade to ultra ultra is 29.99 per month and then there is premium it's cheaper subscription so both ultra and premium give you unlimited conversations but this ultra you you can get some better conversational models and you can get um yeah some you know like better chat models better bots and just get better conversations so that's basically the idea of it uh it's pretty cool i didn't see this upgrade before but there you have it so you can definitely give it a try so yeah something around it so yeah continue to ultra and then you can upgrade it's pretty expensive then though it's like 29.99 per month at 269.99 per year and then you can upgrade there and yeah so something around it there is a free trial on the annual subscription hope you enjoy it and thank you for watching

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