What is DREAM PREMIUM in DREAM by WOMBO? Should you upgrade?

so what is dream premium so recently viral app dream by wumbo announced a new update which is a premium package you can just tap on it in the top right and then you will see um uh like uh all the all the perks all the features which are coming with it so before this update the app was completely free now it's still free so you can generate a artwork you can um [Music] generate some uh you know like all these cool images with your own image input but now they're expanding this and there is a new channel in their discord community a new exclusive discord premium channel and that's the only feature you can get now for 4.99 per month so it's like for five dollar per month or 19.99 per year um so that's basically what you can get then there are additional perks like premium trading cards special trading cards priority queue that's that's what you can get uh i don't know what exactly is are like premium trading cards or special trading cards and like uh priority queue it's a cool feature it's it's not available yet but basically that's the idea that you can generate an image and this image can go uh it can be generated faster so that's a lot of people will like that because dream by wombo is is going a bit slow sometimes so you will need that to generate images faster um and then yeah you can just go to the uh to discord and then you will see that there is a premium verification channel this is a new channel uh this is a private channel and you need to use verify to enter a premium code and unlock your perks and then i don't know which perks are coming there i didn't subscribe yet i'm just showing you what what about like how it will work i would like also just a bit more explanation what exactly all these additional features and perks are so uh premium trading cards special trade like priority queue um [Music] and yeah all of that so that's basically the idea of it uh yep so that's how it looks uh that's that's that it's 19.99 per year there is no weekly or daily options there is no free trial so you decide if you want to try out this dream premium it's amazing app so for people who don't know you can generate this ai artwork so for example if i just go here and i just can enter something like that and then i just tap create i can create ai artwork of course it's usually like it's very abstract in this app so you can't say something like cat and it will generate like a like a photo or for the cat because it it will just at this moment it will create this abstract pictures abstract images there are other ai projects in this space which are called image and from google or delete2 or something like that which are much more precise but this app is amazing you can play with it and it's free so that's that's the whole idea

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