What is FACEBOOK PROTECT feature?

hello so i'm just following this uh super interesting twitter field by matt navarra and he's just posting some updates from apps and um there is this new feature from facebook app if you're using facebook app it's called turn on facebook protect enable stronger security features to help protect your account so facebook protect is on so basically it's an advanced security that's always at work and this advanced security program to help protect accounts like yours er it's not really now to every facebook user just for example if you have like tens of thousand followers on facebook profile or page i don't know maybe you you're managing big group i don't know what exact algorithm is there but that's the idea um that is just facebook asks you to enable more security features um and then the facebook product is required for your account so yeah probably you will need to enable 2fa and it will be a requirement not an optional way to do it and yeah and just like my strong password and all the advanced security measures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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