What is iOS Lockdown mode? Preview

I'm just reading here some interesting news from Apple and they just released some interesting update not sure if it's available yet it's called lockdown mode probably you will be able to enable that from settings so it says that lockdown mode is an extreme optional protection that should only be used if you believe you can be targeted uh uh one iPhone is in lockdown mode it will not function as it typically does apps websites and features will be strictly limited for security and some experience will be completely unavailable so this is like a very high security level for specific users if you believe you can be targeted by like some Advanced spyware or you are in some country where you can be in risk of that or you know you type of individual where you can have this kind of risk um so Apple just uh detailed these two initiatives today to help protect users who can be personally targeted [Music] um yeah so lock down more the first major capability of its kind it's coming this fall with iOS 16 iPad OS 16 and micros venture um so yeah um is the ground cracking capability that reflects an unwavering uh commitment to protecting users from even the rarest most sophisticated attacks um so here you can see some details like messages web browsing Apple Services wired connections configuration profiles um so uh that's basically that so that's how it works so yeah hope this is helpful

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