What is Notion AI?

so what is notion AI Alpha so it was just released uh so you can go to notion Ai and then Leverage The Limitless power of AI in any notion page right faster scene beer and out man creativity like magic uh never start with a blank page again so it's kind of generate any type of content write the page title notion I will take care of the rest meeting agenda Pride the topic and option I will outline your agenda uh so kind of if you have like you know some writing AI assistant like you have like some you know SEO tool like AI writing where you can create like Snippets uh Snippets of the text automatically uh so press release job description sales email poem pros and cons listing bigger you know help me write jump start a tricky paragraph for an entire page continue writing it's a notion AI is a powerful editor too so it's a fixed spelling and grammar similar to grammarly or as you can see it in Google Docs um join the white list how to get access notion AI is launching in Alpha November 16th so as we'll be granted on the first come first served basis to also join the white list why is there is a white list um so uh we are rolling out notion as well to ensure that the quality of AI generated content remains remains High uh notion uh AI will be free in Alpha but will likely cost extra in the future so yeah if you even if you're a paid subscriber we still like to to notion it will cost more in the in the future um so that's basically that so you can join the white list um try it out super interesting to uh to see how that uh might work and yeah uh try it out

How Does Artificial Intelligence Wo...
How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?
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