What is viral Fake Posts Creator app? Quick overview

what is this viral fake post crater app uh and this app as you can see is rising the top charts in social networking category in the US app store is number 120 it was created a while ago but now probably it went viral on Tick Tock usually or some on some Twitter thread and yeah this social media apps can really Skyrocket in the rankings for some period and the app is really cute it's amazing so you can create some images of fake uh of Facebook posts but obviously they are fake and yeah you can create some status or some image and then your app can add some likes or some comments and all of that and then you can just share the post with your friends but um it's it's not connected to your Facebook it's just for entertainment so don't be scared you are not logged in with your Facebook it's not getting your data anything it just literally creates an image of like a Facebook post which you can just save to your camera roll and then just send to your friends on messenger or Whatsapp or telegram signal and then just yeah just say hey look at my Facebook post it collected 1 million likes or something like that so you can use that uh yeah it only creates an image that you can share with your friends you can choose the post content image likes reactions comments and date and share it with your friends you can choose the language of the app and of the post from the settings of the app itself as an image of your post on your photo library so that's basically that so it's great to post with Facebook design and no one will notice so it's kind of like fun app for entertainment however it's a bit limited if you're not upgrading so let me show you so for example I just want to create this Facebook post again it's fake it's not connected to Facebook it just creates an image so I just need to enter kind of my name so let's try this it's kind of some fake name and then I want to add like my Facebook profile so let's try this image and then uh uh so this post will collect 10 000 likes for example uh and then for example if I want to add an image I can do that but then I need to upgrade so that's a bit disappointing need to upgrade uh to premium Sundays for freeze and 299 per week so that's yeah Sunday for free it's a really great deal especially if you want to have fun with your friends you can use it for six days and cancel it but of course yeah if you really enjoyed this app then you will need to upgrade for three dollars per week that's like more than 12 dollars per month so yeah that's that then yeah unfortunately you can't add images in the free version but then here I can just add a number of likes so let's say ten thousand one like I can uh yeah a manual date text I can't add that I can the date is here so if I want to change the date I also need to upgrade and then comments I can just add like number of comments but then I can't show comments as well so it's also limited so as you can see all of these features you need to upgrade to enjoy The Full Experience then just tap create likes and this is how it will look like and then I can just save this post and then it will be saved to my photos uh so yeah I can then delete it and then what I can do I can just go to my photos and see like this and there you have it so that's basically the idea uh so yeah something like that uh so that's basically the idea of the of the app so you just create some this some fake post with some funny text and then you can impress your friends just send them and say wow this is like you know I'm like this has become a super popular post and until they figure out uh like what's happening you can have some fun so that's basically or I don't know you can try out this app like the again like it's a bit Limited in a free version but I understand it's a solo the world per probably great idea so it needs to support his work and yeah it's not for free so yeah there you have it you can always leave a review in the App Store to just for the developer and suggest some features and of course you can upgrade in this app I think it's a great idea maybe it can also be done for Twitter or for you know for like telegram or like some tick tock uh it would be pretty interesting um hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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