What is web3 dApp wallet IN COINBASE app?

hello so coinbase app introduces new dub wallet and that browser it's a it's a beta so it's not available to everyone just to a small subset of users so you can now you can access and explore webstreet apps directly from your coin base apart by new dap wallet and that browser so other past years there has been exclusion interest in webster and dapps including nft's decentralized finance taos um and yeah uh and starting today coinbase app will roll out the ability for a small set of coinbase users to access ethereum-based apps directly from the coin-based app this includes buying nfts on marketplace like coinbase nft and openc trading or decentralized exchanges like unit swap and sushi swap borrowing landing swap between this new ability to access and explore web3 from your coin base app is part by new dub wallet and that browser so that's the main innovation here and this uh uh and users can explore dabs which means decentralized apps without having to manage recovery phrase uh this innovative dab wallet experience is powered by multi-party computation technology that enables you to have a dedicated on-chain wallet that can base help you get secured so you just need to go to the new browser tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the android mobile screen and set up your new dab wallet so that's that but at the moment it's only android and even on android coinbase app uh it's very small subset of users it this update will be rolling out soon to more users and i don't know when when it will be available to everyone once you set it up you can search discover and use ethereum based apps directly in the new dev browser of coinbase app so that's that [Music] hope it is helpful try it out if you're using android maybe you've been selected to try it out

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