Youpolome app scam - be careful!

What is youpolome

There is no much info about youpolome on Internet. Seems, it is a text scam.

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what is youpolome

Some people on Reddit reported, that they receive text messages, like:

"Hey get on this so we can chat,"

Youpolome text message scam

Seems like Youpolome is a text message scam, where scammers invite you to a non-existing social media app.

Some people on Reddit reply, that "More than likely you downloaded an app on your phone that you have access to your address book. Then they sold that info to the highest bidder."

It can also be, that one of your relatives or close people send you this message. Might be that theirs phone is compromised.

Is Youpolome a new chat app?

I tried to Google everything I can - I couldn't find any website or link to app store of this app. There is not a one article about Youpolome app anywhere.

To sum it up

Beware, if you receive messages like "Hey get on this so we can chat," or any other invitations to youpolome app - it is a scam.

There is no app like youpolome

Don't try to register on youpolome, create an account or share any of your data with youpolome - it might be compromised.

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