so i'm just here hanging out in dream by wombo discord and they had like a meetup uh that had discord event where people can ask questions and suggest some features um yeah about what can be developed and this is the updates what you can expect from dreamweaver development team so first of all there will be a lot of new social features such as profile enhancements edition of a bio ability to follow profiles and like other people's content add artwork tagging like flowers mountains you can search dreams by usernames text and style prompts so that's that then updates to content feed like featured artists trending tags dreams from accounts you follow so then you can create much higher quality and less abstract dreams so it will be additional option when you're creating a dream you can enable or disable public viewing of your profile and maybe dark mode so that's basically it there is a lot of a lot of these new features which will be coming out into this app so stay tuned so yeah that's the idea um so definitely give it a try check it out um i don't know when these updates are coming it was announced on may 16th so let's see when it will be available

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