whoo app - how to use? Quick tutorial

so here's quick overview of full location sharing app uh yeah we just climb it in the top chart so this is kind of similar to what you can have in Life 360 or SnapChat map but it's it has much less feature this app yet but it's it will be developing a lot and it will be focusing much more so yeah you can just create your account and then you can see where your friends are located then you can just tap plus and add add your friends here um you can just add them by QR code or you can just search stem I guess but this is not okay this is working like that so you can just search by username and then you can just add friend like that and then you will just send a friend request in in the app so yeah for example that's basically the idea there aren't that many users yet in the app so hurry up if you want to register with some cool username [Music] um so yeah that's basically the idea uh yeah so that's uh what it is and then you have uh you have messages here then you have your account um yeah you can share your QR code you can see uh how many times someone watched you today like how many times someone followed you like where you are going how many friends you have your friends list uh you can change the app icon but I guess it will be coming in upgrade version or in just lighter releases and then you have your like settings where you can edit your profile uh you can change your username you can see who development schedule you can contact uh as you can tap delete account and all of that so yeah that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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