Why are there missing episodes in CW app? (Video)

Missing episodes in CW app – why is this happening?

Missing episodes issue in CW app is connected to streaming rights. CW app is only allowed to stream the last five episodes that aired on TV. These are not necessarily the five latest episodes of the season.


Please follow the on-air schedule at cwtv.com/schedule to have an idea of which episodes will be available in the app.

CW app overview

CW app missing episodes

If you like a certain CW program but you don't have cable, then the CW app is an excellent method to view that show. The CW app reigns supreme as the Fall TV season gains steam, with the app ranking first on the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store. The CW app has a lot of information for you to keep in mind.

The CW app is classified as Teen (12+), or depending on the service, Teens or Y adolescents. While the app itself is completely suitable for kids, a lot of program may include subjects that you wouldn't want a 12-year-old to view. Checking out the material is a good way to find out whether your child's gadgets should have it.

The CW App works like this:

Features On top of viewing the newest episodes of a new program, you will get to watch entire seasons for free. No login, credit cards, passwords, or cable subscription is required. Get notified the minute your favorite program gets new episodes that you can watch. Enjoy over 1,000 hours of your favorite program with your own subscription.

If you don't mind spending time on your own, you can troubleshoot certain problems with the CW app. You should first try to exit the program and start again if you run into problems. To speed things up, you may need to restart your phone or tablet. Most of the time, it will solve a lot of problems.

Restarting your home network or toggling Airplane mode on and off may help you if you're having trouble streaming movies on your phone via cellular.

You may utilize more than only your iPhone or Android with the CW app. The CW app works on a wide range of connected TV devices, gaming consoles, and Chrome cast.

The CW application for Android:

The CW Network's Android app has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and is free to download. It is different for each device.

Check out this app for iOS:

There are no in-app purchases or fees while using the CW app. I would never have expected anything like that to be included in the app. It is also not necessary to be connected to a cable to view your program on your devices. CW18 575 App for free on App Store.

CW application on a PC

In addition to PC, Android apps players, such as BlueStacks, Nox, and KOPlayer, may also install the CW for Windows 2016.1110.1847.0 on PC. To use the app, there is no need for an account or subscription.

CW App Parent Review:

It is critical that parents understand that their children may access full CW program, such as Gossip Girl and Supernatural, which are rated M for mature. Despite the site being mostly used by teens, the CW does not see itself as a destination for young people; the site stresses that the community is not suitable for children under the age of 13.

Nonetheless, there are lots of entertaining program that are suitable for children. Certain CW Lounge message board conversation will be deleted for being too mature for teenagers, including one debate that lamented the cheesy nature of a recent sex scene. Buddies are a great way to see when others are online.

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