Why are there Netflix logos in Dream by Wombo app?

so when you open uh dreamboy wombo app now you can see some netflix logo and you if in case you're wondering what what is it netflix cards in the app this is a collaboration between netflix for the new season of love dust and robots you can check out the new styles input images and trading cards live in app also check out the new season which premieres on netflix so here you can see the overview um yeah of the app check out these new styles and trading cards and yeah so that's basically a collaboration and if you open up the app here you can see them and you just instantly notice like the netflix logo when i opened it up i was like what is that so seems this is yeah this is netflix um then you can highlight these feature styles and then you all these feature styles can be used when you try to generate images so that's like some test collaboration let's see how it works so just in case you have this question

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