Why I CAN’t upgrade to SnapChat plus?

so why you can't upgrade to snapchat plus why you don't see this button so i was reading some blogs doing some research and then it says that you should go to your profile and set it right now in top left tap in your profile and then here you need to see snapchat plus button i don't see it uh and i was just figuring why is that so i updated the app to the latest to the latest app all of that but i still can see this button and then seems that snapchat plus is only available in us canada uk france germany australia new zealand saudi arabia and united arab emirates so this is it at this moment so if you are located outside of these countries it's not possible for you to upgrade yet they they are releasing more and more markets but it will be soon it's not now so that's probably why you can't upgrade so make sure you update the app second make sure that you are in one of these countries and then you should be able to see that otherwise just reach out to snapchat support

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