Widget Countdown to birthday - app overview & how to set up

here is this interesting app which is called a widget countdown to birthday so let's just install it and see how it works uh we just that's what make your home screen bright and useful instantly just from a variety of Standards yes fantastic categories as well so our teams no matter what your choice is going to be your promise your beauty and great experience so that's basically the app so yeah like but the the picture of this app because there are so many apps like this customized features and uh icons that it shows you countdown uh and then yeah so then you are just prompted to upgrade uh only 1.60 cents per month which you can choose and then you can just try three days free um so yeah uh but yeah what if I don't want to use it so yeah that's basically the idea get this offer you can get it so it's like 29.99 per year three days for free and then you can just tap no thanks if you but of course if you want to do it and then uh there is a countdown so here you can create a countdown widget you can say like zero days left to someone's birthday or like you can set a widget but of course then you will need to upgrade uh and then you can customize it so background background color text you can set up the text you one date and then you can set up layout and then basically to set it up you just need to uh tab set widget and then on home screen touch and hold an empty area to make apps jiggle and tap the plus button in the upper left corner and then just find the widget in this app in the list of apps and set up the widget so that's basically the idea um yeah that's how it works and then also in this app you can set up icons and there are also these settings um so you can set up widgets and icons they're really nicely designed the daily quote nice overview reminder so yeah that's basically the idea hope this is helpful and yeah super interesting app

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