here is vegetable lock screen widget app it has searched to the top charts in the us app store and why because of this major update vegetable lock screen widgets so you can customize your ios 16 lock screen with all these new widgets that's a new feature this was just released recently uh new ios 16 lock screen widgets are provided have fun with your friends and this app is just being updated and the they're adding more and more videos to the app you have friends step count you have friends distance from status and moods miss you widget app shortcut and lock screen icon contact widget so all kinds of widgets just keep adding and adding those um so for example like friend step count you can set the daily stab call with your friend friends distance the widget shows real time distance use your friend friend status widget shows your friends lighter status miss your widget shows the number of times you miss your friend app shortcut and lock screen icon contact widget so here you can see all the collections of all these customizable lock screen widgets once again you need ios 16 to be able to install those and to install rs16 you need at least iphone 8 or later so actually it's it can be available in pretty old phones like iphone 8. so here that's what you have uh you can install all these widgets here enjoy amazing lock screen and home screen widgets or create your own fancy which is easy to use widget editor and yeah of course in this app there are also like home screen widgets not only lock screen widgets so here it is a lock screen widgets you can see all of the apps here like icon and text icon like different videos but then yeah it just says please upgrade to ios 16 or higher to use lock screen widgets you can see the distance you can see missy widget status widget like distance between each other between friends shortcuts so another uh useful feature is that you can use this app use the shortcuts um yeah so that's that's handy so due to ios system restriction we set bg's data out automatically refresh every 20 minutes we can also launch vegetable app to manual update the latest that and then the idea is that how to add it you just select one of those widgets you can see a lot of those um and then you just add it here of course it it will just say please upgrade to ios 16 because yeah you need to have ios 16. how to check it just tap on settings and here you have software update available and you can just check so here you see it's just an older iphone uh it's not available but just make sure you update to ios 16 and then you will have all these switches available then you add them here select any widget select the size and then how it works i have some candy tutorial from other app from lock screen widget app so basically yeah on the on the lock screen so just lock and then that's that's your lock screen so on this lock screen you need to press any empty area and then you will have the button customized in the bottom tap on that button and then tap add widget tap or drag to add a widget click the widget on preview area choose a widget name click done in the upper right corner click set as a wallpaper pair back yeah so like yeah of course here it is just an extraction for this app but yeah just tap on whole click customize select vegetable and select widgets you saved to my widgets that's it that's how you use widgetable and then this app is really cool it has huge collections of widgets and you can use them it's a big competitor to another viral app this dies which is called top widgets but yeah this is just another app in this category then you have more there is vegetable pro where you can upgrade limitless widgets customizable videos on local features and where you can just get that um yeah just upgrade so you have popular one month or one year um then you have uh friends you can add friends here so that's your widget code so that's what you can do so it's handy then there is some installation tutorial one press on any uh space on your home screen tap the plus on the top right corner of your home screen cycle search for the vegetable from the widget list swipe to set the widget size tap it to open the quick actions mine you choose edit widget and then tap the widget style but that's that's for the home widgets um uh yeah here's some instruction that's that home widget that's also pretty cool but that's from ios 14 and that's not that uh we need uh log screen widgets because i just showed you how to do uh and then yeah you just have this explorer library where you can check out all these additional widgets upgrading this is the price in the danish corona and because i'm in denmark there is three day free trial cancel anytime and 188 krona is like i don't know like maybe 25 or something it's just the pricing depends but just to give you the range like yeah it's like uh four or five dollars per month the price then there is some feedback you can reach out to their support you can join their discord what else you can do there is also some cool feature about transparent setting where you can press on any empty space on your home screen until your apps jiggle take a screenshot of your home screen and then choose the transparent setting and this is for the home widgets so yeah that's basically that so yeah this app is good for for lock screen widgets and for home screen widgets these are different types so for example let's just install also traditional home screen videos for that you need to have ios 14 at least and then you just search for vegetable and then here just add small widget [Music] tap and hold and then tap edit widget widget style choose transparent set okay so to do that you need to actually select some widgets so here i have my clock choosing widget background then i just tap save and then i can just tap and hold and answers edit widget and then i can just set this one and there you have it so yeah okay it looks a bit weird but you just need to customize it a bit more maybe set up transparent background [Music] so yeah something around it [Music] yeah so there you have it so just take a screenshot and then you will be able to select this transparent background so anyhow this is this is just a quick overview of vegetable pro so hope that is helpful like this video and subscribe to my channel

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