WidgetPal - widget for friends - FULL APP OVERVIEW

here's widget pile app called widget for friends and with this app you can send peaks to your friends widget um so this app is similar to locket widget or noted or like you know these two apps went viral during last month and they just introduced this concept where you can just set up fidget on your iphone and then send a picture to it um like and this feature became really really popular it went pyro on tick tock and then went to the top charts of the us app store so let's just start your digi install send pictures to friends and family and have them appear on their home screen set up different videos for your boyfriend girlfriend friends and family lots of fidget fun widget pal is a new ios widget-based app that allows you to share private photos with a friend or a group of friends throughout the day essentially it's a widget for you to receive photos from the people you most care about and have them shown on your iphone home screen the best part is simple free to use so yep once you install the widget following the easy and guided instruction your widget pal is available and immediately ready to receive photos from the assigned members seems there are some bugs here just curious okay [Music] you can also travel back in history by viewing the previous photo stand to each widget there are no limits how many widgets you can have on your home screen no restriction on the number of people you can have in the group the fun is limitless uh when the friends and the picture will be able to respond to them directly with either a photo or text reply it's private intimate and maybe you in mind so that's the idea and there are only like nine ratings but this app is already you know in the top charts in the app store but yeah for some reason it doesn't really applaud download sorry so i'm not sure why is that so yeah this app is one of the alternatives to widget share to lock it widget to noted drawing widgets so there are a bunch of apps i also created videos about them the whole idea is basically you just add this irs widget and then connect this app to that widget and then you can see see the photos from from your friends and you don't need to go to whatsapp or messenger to see the photo updates um so that's basically the idea so let's just wait until it installs and then i will try to show you how to use it uh i didn't use this app before but i use all others like locket widget and all of that so here this live piece from the people you are on your home screen share privately on groups reply react and send private comments you can see a post history then you can just add your phone number so it's possible to use international phone numbers sorry i just need to verify my phone number then i just need to do this continue welcome to widget pal then you can just add some friends you can allow access to your contacts and then add the widget to your home screen so they just redirect you to some support apple article use widget on your phone and ipod touch at register home screen from the home screen touch and hold widget tap the plus icon in the upper left corner select widget choose from three widget sizes so let's just do it together so you know how to do it um so here's for example knotted widget but if i want to add widget valve i just tap and hold until add juggle and i can't find it maybe you need to restart your phone or something actually this app is pretty buggy but i yeah like a lot of these apps in the beginning were quite buggy uh it should be somewhere uh and there it is um so yeah i just entered the app and basically now i add in the widget uh here it is i can just tap to send a photo uh and then widgets i can create a widget which should be just you know naming of my friends group or specific friend to who i want to send these specific photos so like i can just name it like this refresh date 10 minutes pick a refresh rate to show new pictures on your widget faster rates might consume more battery uh so yeah and then you can set up private or public select uh people on or specific person all friends okay and now i can add this widget so okay so i can add it or i can edit widget and i can always change to other widget configuration friends or default friends or i can change it to like the widget i just created so that's that and then i can just need to allow camera access so yeah then i can just text like send photos and text or just draw something so this app is like combination of uh you know noted widget and locket widget and then i can see my history i can add friends and then okay let's say i'm happy you can give access also to photos good but like okay can change the background and then i just need to send this photo to this widget basically i can edit widget i can delete it okay i want to take this photo and then okay and then i can just tap save and basically send it so that's how it works and and then just upload it and then the person who has i think the ui is a bit still not there so and then yeah because if i tap on the arrow it opens my camera roll but if i just tap into the bottom it should be fine and then i just tap this blue arrow in the bottom like save and then not say but just the blue arrow and send so there you have it something like that that should work here is your all widgets and then you can see just all the pictures you can just organize them in a different way you can repost you can share you can delete you can like react you can see all the information so yeah it's pretty pretty cool i think it's kind of like a cool alternative to lock it widget locket widgets is really good at sending pictures and photos you just take and note it widget is just good at presenting drawings but this app is more is combining all of them and you can send these pictures to different people and that's then it's just your account [Music] so yep that's basically that's basically an overview to add friends here just tap in top left then you can just send invitation you can edit your profile your name your profile picture you can share the link to your profile picture and then yeah so there you have it that's basically it hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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