Widgetshare app doesn’t work, bugs - what to do?

so here's widget share app so what to do if it doesn't work or it is buggy uh so as i can understand there is not a huge theme here maybe it's a solo developer mikhail jugalov um and uh yeah basically sometimes if you have like small team or solo developers the app can be just a bit buggy and stuff like that so first of course you just need to in often update the app as you can see here there are bug fixes and performance improvements so you just need to update the app constantly and then of course you can just change your internet connection restart the app restart your phone and all of that but also maybe you can just go to the app support button here and then just contact support contact developer here because if it's a solid developer probably there is no enough option to to contact support but here you can just contact gallup.games at gmail.com so this is the the way to contact support in widget share app and just you know if the app doesn't work or there are some other issues uh this is what i would encourage you to do but you need to understand that this is a solo device developer so the bug fixes might come a bit slower so just update the app

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