curious trending at number one professional weather app it's growing in the top charts of the US App Store it has over 38 000 ratings and especially during some hurricanes or during um like dangerous weather conditions especially if you are located in in the concerned area you need probably to get one of those more professional weather apps like this standard Android or iOS weather apps are just probably not good enough uh windy is an extraordinary tool for weather forecast visualization this fast intuitive detailed and accurate weather app is trusted by professional Pilots paragliders skydiver skytor Surfers voters and all of that of course if you just like a regular citizen maybe you don't need all of these details and all of that but yeah the uniqueness of India lies in the fact that it brings you better quality information than the other of other apps Pro features while our product is absolutely free to use and ad-free as well powerful smooth and fluid presentation my weather forecasting will pleasure so that's actually cool about being ad free because a lot of these apps weather apps when they just become viral uh yeah so for example if I just select a weather in the area of Copenhagen you can see in Denmark you can see all these winds how they are moving and then you can zoom in zoom out you can see all those flows then it's yeah it's if you zoom in on Florida right now you can see what's happening uh you can you can change the hours you can predict kind of where it will be moving and then you can just see like how how it's moving where it's going and it's really amazing visualization with this window app I think it's the best visualization so you can see in which direction this storm is coming so it's coming like yeah uh and then you can see wind you can select uh Ryan sander for example Ryan accumulation so all these different graphs which are really amazing uh this is the best uh so you can see weather radar or you can see satellite I think this is the best visualization you have right now in the apps it's really amazing uh then temperature then you can just see temperature here and then you can see vibes how big our wives that's really cool actually uh see temperature air quality all these layers you can you can apply here it's really amazing and then also have hurricane tracker uh so amazing app just to explore and easily see uh all of this visualized and all of these maps and something like that uh so yeah that's basically the idea of the app uh hope you enjoyed this quick overview and you have a better idea want to use windy app should you use it or not I think it's a great app just to visually have this weather over

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