WooPlus app - how to create an account?

okay so here is this trend in dating app which is called who plus to install it on iphone just tap cat in the app store it's 104 megabytes so this app was featured in a lot of media it was featured in bbc vice yahoo and has over 5 million members and the idea is that you can date like curvy singles as i described here um [Music] so yeah of course probably you heard about tinder bumble other apps but probably you already know your dating type what exactly you're looking for and there are a bunch of niche apps like this so this app will plus is to people like to curve lovers um so as they say here this app connects connects big beauties big guys and all their admirers so if you think this is kind of your type your niche then you can definitely check out this app and maybe you will have more success than you have on tinder or bumble so yeah let's just go through the account creation process to see how it looks like so yeah you can sign up his email sign in or continue with apple so let's just try to continue with apple because for me it's like the fastest way then you can create this profile and then your plus account is created i think that this app is available um in the united states only but i'm not sure okay maybe not so it's i think it's global so there you have it that servoplus app that's a good plus profile you have here so yeah hope that was helpful that's how you create your profile and that is the app thank you for watching and see you in other videos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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