Wordle app overview

hello everyone so here is the app which is called wardle it's a timer based word game in which you are giving letters to create a word as fast as you can if you get stuck you can use a skip but use them wisely compete with friends and work to achieve the top score on the global leaderboard so here is the app is how it looks like so you just present it with letters and you need to create a word from them yeah so seems like a nice app so let's just try to install it and see how that works so the size is just 19 megabytes so yeah let's just okay now i can open it up and let's play it out so here i'm just adding these four letters and to proceed to other levels i need to score here at least i don't know ah i don't actually know here one okay so something like that so the words aren't that easy so you score three so that's basically the idea of this app that's how it works and then that's really addictive app actually [Music] so yep so something like that that's the app super interesting

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