Yala Video Chat - app overview

here is an app called yala video chat rooms and games so let's just go through this app together and explore you know how to create an account how to get this app are you getting bored with routine conversations in messengers there is a way to spice this process up there are lots of online chat games that empower you to interact with other players and get new friends yeah so this is basically the app which you can try out um yeah there are so many apps like this like random video chat apps and probably every week a few days there is a new app in this category some of them are not that good uh and there are a lot of these apps which are honestly quite spammy so just really be careful with what you choose and especially if you want to spend money on these apps just be really careful if these apps are kind of bringing you a lot of value and all of that for example if you know there are situations when they want to spend some coins on the app so you can get more meetings online or stuff like that or that you want to get more conversations and you need to top up your account again and again and then sometimes it doesn't work or you can see a lot of like chat bot conversations so some of these apps are using just some ai bot conversations you're you're thinking that you're chatting with the real person but in fact this is just like ai algorithm so yeah but there are a lot of like lonely people so everyone just wants to hang out in there and then you instantly get some uh and then you just okay so this is i'm just giving you an overview of the app how it might look like you don't even need to create an account in super instant then you can just select meet me you can just tap chat and all of that so yeah that's basically the app uh i think i don't know if it's that one of those spammy apps or not you need to explore it but anyhow this is uh this is the app hope it is helpful

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