YEPP MEME MAKER app - how to use? Full overview

hello so here's interesting Yap app so let's just do a quick overview it's kind of a meme maker app where uh yeah you can actually earn money from making or watching memes so that's what they claim here so yeah you can just swipe the swipe through the feed I don't know like yet okay wait so here you just have like your content uh you can share all your likes you can see your feet you can see all your own memes yeah for some reason I just can't so yeah you just fight right just claw scroll it's not like I'm Tick Tock but yeah it's basically like Tick Tock for memes you can uh yeah you can like some memes you can build in the meme and you can reuse this uh meme picture and build uh build the meme yourself and then just change text or delete something and this this app is really good like for changing captions on the memes um so yeah it's uh this is actually um yeah how it works and then you can just like it and then for example I want to edit it uh I can just build the meme myself and then I can just for example go here and just uh write something so something like that and then yeah you can just do a meme preview and then just post it and then when someone likes Your Meme or you have a lot of views for Your Meme interior you can earn these uh coins so you can see this this is your wallet I don't know if it's a cryptocurrency or not but that's what it is at the moment there are just like a lot of ads in this app uh so yeah that's basically the idea um so here we can just write it um so first you can just earn two dollars for every referral how to earn your first yep coins invite your friends using your unique invite link post your inviting to your other social media profiles and daily Rewards earn a 0.1 daily just by watching mimson using the app create memes earn one dollar for every 10 000 views and then you can just withdraw uh 100 yep coins at one usdt which holds the same Wireless US dollar create your C20 wallet withdraw your money [Music] so yeah you can just encourage your audience and yeah there you have it so that's just like a quick overview and then you just see some transactions and then yeah if you you can go to settings and top right and then here you can just see invite friends so here in the bottom you can see my link yep one link dot me we go like w-y-e-z for our p a s u s i and then you can just use this link uh yeah to invite friends so that's basically how it works um uh yeah so that's the idea uh you can use that you can see that account statistics you can see how many people watch that you can see info you can see settings um appeal support so that's basically the app I think it was trending for a while but I don't know if it really took off or if it's real if people made some real money with it or not so there you have it hope this is helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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