so locate widget app is finally available on android so you can find in google play store and it means that now if your friends have android phone you can and you have iphone you can add each other and use the app so that's the idea but there are still some issues app is final on android however there are definitely improvements that need to be made you can send photos to specific people or react to other people's photos like you can on ios so that's the features people would like to have so there are probably still some limitations for locket widget android app so that's that you can see here not ready for android couple of things aren't right i have to send the same picture to all my friends can't choose who i sent you and in france is very difficult fixes as soon as possible so there are a lot of bugs the flash issue doesn't allow flash so some of that so that's basically it so there are still some bugs and glitches for android version because i think they just released it recently and ios app was also quite buggy in the beginning

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