Yik Yak app - how to use? Full overview

so here is yik yak app it was launched back in 2013 or 2012 but now it is relaunched and as you can see it's in the top charts in social networking it's about facebook messenger whatsapp which is pretty crazy and yeah it's among top 100 charts in top 100 apps in us app store the idea is super simple that you can just anonymously connect within everyone in radius five miles so it's like an open anonymous forum so you can just post all these different yaks or posts and then everyone in radius of five miles will see them and comment so and this app is completely anonymous um so nobody knows your identity actually um all you need to get started is just a us phone number so i think this app is only works in united states it's not possible to use it in canada england or australia or europe or whatever um so yeah so you just post a message and it's visible to all the people in that radios and then on the hot feed these messages are ranked so you can see all the top posts and activities in your in your neighborhood um so yeah let's just open it up so i created an account um yeah you just need to use the us phone number and then you just need to give access to your location so that's how it works and that that's those the process of creation and account super simple super smooth this is how it looks like you can see new yaks and you can see hot jacks in my area there is no many yaks and yeah but as an example i can show you in if you want to see top charts you can just tap on the menu in the bottom right and then you can see like top yaks in united states so this is how it looks like this is kind of the forum so yeah and then you can just upload here you can tap on three dots you can share if you don't like it you can report a block user from here but basically you just go here and it's like an open forum and you can see uh top discussions and all of that as you can see it's this app is anonymous there is no profile pictures there is no full name email address a phone number revealed here even though you write yourself as a phone number you can't see it here so if you just it's not possible to click on account or go to profile it just reveals the estimate location um so that's that and this is how it looks like um if you want to share the yak you can just tap share and then it will be shared so for example let's just share this one it will be shared just like an image i can send it and then there it is so that's how it works and then [Music] you can just comment here so that's how you post a comment and now i have my comment here um again if i not happy i can just tap on three dots and then delete the comment then if i i can just upload or download something so super simple again also i can download or upload the yak itself yak it means a post so that's how it works but in my case if you in your area there are not many yaks you will see something like this it probably in some big cities like new york or los angeles you will see like hundreds of yaks but some other smaller cities uh small rural areas maybe there aren't that many discussions so you can always go to top yaks or nationwide and nationwide hot jacks then you can also of course see all your notifications you can see your yaks if you're not happy you can always delete your yak if you think you did a mistake the same with comments then there are some stay safe resources mental health resources and then there are more options so here it's an interesting option to reset comment icon it means uh basically as you can have seen this is my comment icon when i post a comment instead of profile picture i just have some random emoji so if you're not happy with that now my emoji is different so that's that cause buster is uh means that it's hiding some inappropriate language from using jackson comments so i can just turn it on and then yeah you can also block people just by typing on three dots in yik yak if you at some point you did that and you want to unblock here you can just unblock everyone and also from here you can just delete your account so just tap delete data and it's possible to delete your data it says delete data but it i think is the same as deleting your account in yik yak um if you select this option all of your progress on yucky act will be deleted and you will be sent back to the home screen to to verify your phone number this option deletes your your karma score and information link into your activity but your posts yucks and comments are not linked to your identity and won't be deleted so there you have it even if you delete your account your yaks won't be deleted you can also just log out from yik yak just exit because there is no yeah no kind of identity here it's not possible to add friends or to follow someone or stuff like that um and then yeah you will see your heart your map you're just just in the apple map um there is just quick overview like explainer so your heart is all the people inside the five mile radius in your current location your local community you can afford download jacks from your heart new feed shows the hot feet shows that yaks from 24 hours local top yaks feet ultam yaks so that's that that's a quick explanation and then in top right you also have something like yakarma uh and other points you're awarded for engaging on yik yak you get your karma for yak in commenting receiving uploads and then you can also just share your karma to brag with your friends so something like this and then you can just share it like that and then that's that's you will see that hey this is my karma uh like something like this this is my karma the yuck is back and yeah so that's the idea what else to post a new yuck you just go in the bottom right uh and then just write the yak you can see that the yak is this kind of post and then there are also all these community  need to follow them because some people can either block or report you and then you can just tap ready to send and notice that there is 200 character limits so just tap ready to send and then swipe up to yak so there you have it yak send and now it appears in my feed in the new tab or if you're getting a lot of uploads it will appear in the hot tab so this app is basically like location based reddit so in case of reddit the topics are organized in subreddits by some like categories or some niche here it just looks pretty much as on old school reddit but just organize around the location of your heart and then yeah you will see notifications you can disable the notifications i think um probably just in the settings app i'm not sure also if there is like a premium version or something else where you need to upgrade or subscribe i think it's not possible to do here it's just like a old school app going back to life so that's that basically so just browse around have fun really cool app just to really have fun uh just to browse it around um so yeah i guess that's that uh if you know any additional tips or cool tricks with this app just leave it in the comments below just also leave while you're using this app why it's still interesting for you and stuff like that please subscribe to my channel or at least like this video so more people can discard this cool app you can also visit my website mrhac.orio and check out my podcast so thanks for watching guys see you around                                        

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