You can now share links in TikTok

Seems, TikTok is exploring a possibility of sharing links in the app.

TikTok just released a new feature for selected food bloggers, such as @feelgoodfoodie, where they can add links to their blogs in TikTok videos.

It can be done via app called Whisk. Whisk is a “Cooking connected” app.

Whisk app

Seems through a Whisk integration in TikTok, food bloggers can share their recipes in TikTok videos. Whisk allows to add a link to their blog, so by tapping a Whisk link in the end users can also go to your blog.

So, this is one of the ways to bring traffic from TikTok videos to your blog or website.

Maybe in future TikTok will add more ways to do it.

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